Baby wetsuits | Wetsuits for infants

Baby wetsuitWhy would you put a wetsuit on your baby? Infant’s tinny body cools down much faster than yours. They are also too small to tell you that they are cold so it’s up to you to keep them warm. Besides providing warmth, baby wetsuits also serve as protection against sun and UV rays and against possible cuts and bruises. Wetsuits for babies and infants are simple since their only function is to keep them warm (flexibility and performance in probably not an issue with a two year old). So you can’t really get a baby wetsuit that wouldn’t be good enough. It’s more important to check if the wetsuit is safe for infants – make sure that the wetsuits does not have any parts that could harm your baby like sharp zipper edges, rough stitches, elastic cords etc…

If your child is already a bit older and bigger and needs a wetsuit for participating in water sports then check the child wetsuits article.

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