Child wetsuits | Wetsuits for kids

Kids wetsuitWhy it is important for the kids to wear a wetsuit? Their smaller bodies cool down faster than adults and even if we don’t feel cold they might. On the other hand, they are always the last to admit that they are cold. Playing on the beach and in the water is fun and if you are cold you have to go sit with your parents and that sucks. So: “No mom, I’m not cold!” Even though their lips are shaking while they speak. Besides providing warmth, wetsuits also serve as protection against sun and UV rays and against possible cuts and bruises.

How to choose a kids wetsuits?

What applies to adult wetsuits also apply to kids. Wetsuits for really small kids and infant wetsuits are pretty simple, since a little neoprene insulation is all they need. They won’t be exposed to any serious cold. For a bit bigger kids sizing is the main problem. The difference between a fat and a thin kid can be enormous. And when they hit puberty their growing body goes into overdrive and they come in all shapes and sizes. So when we are buying a kids wetsuit it is hard to get one that will fit perfectly. And even if it does, would you buy it knowing that it will be to small next year?

If the wetsuit is looser we give our kid a wetsuit top or at least a rash guard to wear it under the wettie. Otherwise for sizing check our wetsuit size guide.

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