How to buy a wetsuit?

Why is choosing and buying a wetsuit kind of hard? Firstly – if you are not used to wetsuits and wearing them then they will feel weird when you put them on. And because of that you might get a wetsuit that is not right for you. And secondly – if you get a wetsuit that is not right for you you are wasting your money and you will regret it every minute while you are in the water. 

How to buy a wetsuit tips

Get a cup of coffe and read a few articles on this website:


  1. Go to the right wetsuit store. If you have done some reading here you will be already pretty knowledgeable but people in the right store will still be able to help you out a lot. So if you’re getting a wetsuit for surfing, go to the surf shop. If you want to go scuba-diving, go to the diving store.
  2. You don’t have to buy the most expensive brand to get quality, choose what you need, check our wetsuit reviews and other reviews on the net and again talk to the people in the shop since they probably have more experience than you (just know if they only sell one brand this will be the one they will recommend :)!).
  3. And finally – fit, it’s all about the right fit. The wetsuit must fit snugly around your body. Not too tight so it restricts your movement and not too loose so it fills up with water every time you wipeout. Did you read the wetsuit size guide? If not, at least read that one!

And this is how you buy a wetsuit. We wish you many fun moments in the water wearing your new wetsuit


  1. Wetsuit Measurements
    Height 5″11″
    Weight 180lbs
    Chest 40inchs
    Waist 33inchs
    Hip 40inchs
    Neck 16inchs
    Inseam 30inchs
    This is my boyfriends sizes. Which wetsuit should I purchase? Or what size

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