How To Find Out How Thick Is Your Wetsuit?

99% of the time the thickness of neoprene is written on the wetsuit itself. If you see numbers like 3/2, 4/3 etc… this is it. For instance numbers 3/2 mean your suit is made out of neoprene that is 3mm (usually body and legs) and 2mm (arms and shoulders) thick.

The most common places where the thickness is written are:
– on the outside of the wrist (check both arms!)
– on the inside of the wrist (check both arms!)
– on your arm just below the shoulder (check both arms!)
– on the inside in your chest
– on the inside on your upper back
– on a special sewn in tag (that likes to fall off)

I have yet to see a wetsuit without the thickness written on it, but I won’t say they do not exist:). Most of the time when you can not find the numbers it is the result of the tag falling off.

Anyway, if you can not find it, can you just simply measure it? Sure you can. Here is me measuring my wetties:


This is the leg of my winter 5/3, decimal scale ruler shows 5mm.


This is the sleeve of my 3/2, 2mm thick.


And the sleeve of the before mentioned 5/3, 3mm thick. An old and stretched out suit can be a bit thinner in places that see lots of stretching.


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