Body Glove Vapor X Red Cell with Infrared Technology

After Xcel TDC lined wetsuit these is again something new, this time from Body Glove. Body Glove introduced the new Vapor X Red Cell wetsuit with revolutionary Red Cell Infrared Technology. This new technology harnesses the suns rays to retain heat and for longer periods of time making the wetsuit warmer, drier and lighter than anything else on the market. Not much can be found on how actually this works, so we will have to wait and see.


Vapor X Red Cell

Body Glove’s Vapor X Red Cell maintains its progressive seam sealing system with Liquidweld on the inside of the wetsuit and Microbead on the outside. The ergonomically engineered “X” on the back of the suit increases mobility for any activity especially paddling. Continuing with the standard of “Warmer, Drier, Lighter” the Vapor X Red Cell adds infrared technology to keep in even more warmth.

“As chief of wetsuit design for Body Glove, I approached this technology with a specific goal in mind; to fundamentally change the way our suits respond to the water within certain environmental conditions,” states John Federof, Body Glove’s Wetsuit Designer.


Some arrows and then more arrows :) But it does sound this is at least in a way similar to Xcel and vice versa.

The Vapor X Red Cell comes in 3/2 and 4/3 in both chest and back zip. Price? We will see.

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