Alder Wetsuits

Alder wetsuits logo imageAlder Wetsuits come from England and are a result of  Bob Westlakes passion for surfing. Over 40 years ago, Bob Westlake began to surf around the west coast of England and soon found out that there aren’t any Californian surf style clothing available in the United Kingdom.

This lead to his wife making some of the first boardshorts made in UK and it was the beginning of Alder wetsuits or to put it better – ‘Alder Sportswear’.

Today Alder is an established wetsuit manufacturer that combines innovation and development with competitive prices. Which means that you will get top notch quality and some very advanced wetsuits that have all the features that todays top players have for an affordable price.

Alder Makes Wetsuits For:

  • Surfing

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