Aleeda Wetsuits

Aleeda wetsuits logo imageAleeda Wetsuits is a wetsuit manufacturer that comes from USA. They started making handcrafted wetsuits and other neoprene products in 1981 and have been making them since. They actually come from Huntington Beach where they opened their first factory on the Main Street in 1983. What is interesting about this company is that they also make custom wetsuits which means they will make you a wetsuit that will fit you perfectly as it will be custom tailored to your body. So if you have trouble finding a fitting wetsuits for your body shape try Aleeda custom wetsuits. Aleeda is owned by Steve Terry.

Aleeda Makes Wetsuits For:

  • Surfing

For Aleeda wetsuits size chart go here.



Aleeda womens wetsuit


    • Hi Keith, I don’t think there is a “stock” wetsuit that would fit perfectly. Maybe check the brands that have ST (small tall) size, I know Xcel has it, but it still will not be perfect, it might be a bit short. The other option is custom wetsuit.

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