Speedo Wetsuits

Speed logoSpeedo was established way back in 1914 under the brand name ‘Fortitude’. It was started by Alexander MacRae from Scottland who moved to Australia and started making underwear. He then quickly expanded into swim wear. Speed grew during the following years and expanded to USA, Europe and other countries. Today they are one of the most well known swimwear brands thanks to innovations they introduced. Speedo is the first company to start producing swim wear made of nylon/elastane – which is still the most popular swim wear fabric today. They also launched a revolutionary FASTSKINĀ® swimsuit featuring sharkskin-based design. The 2000 Sydney Olympics saw 13 of the 15 World Records broken in the suit and 83% of medals won by swimmers wearing Speedo.

Speedo Makes Wetsuits For

  • Swimming
  • Triathlon




Check this page forĀ Speedo wetsuits size charts.

Speed wetsuit photo

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